Are there any signature dishes for dinner at The Jefferson Hotel?

Answers from Our Experts (2)

The menus change seasonally at The Jefferson Hotel, and everything we’ve sampled from both of the hotel’s restaurants has been delicious. The menus are reflective of the best local and seasonal produce, meats and materials available, so many dishes are not always on offer. On our recent visit, we loved the fried green tomatoes, the Berkshire pork chop, the peanut butter cheesecake, and the impeccable wine selection (most bottles are under $40). Consider ordering any special on the menu — they are chosen daily based on seasonal availability.

Lemaire restaurant at The Jefferson Hotel is known for its ever-changing, seasonal menu, but you can almost always find a pork dish on the menu that is a pure dedication to Richmond’s Southern roots. The menu items featuring seafood, whether it be oysters, fresh catch, soft-shell crabs (in season), scallops or crab cakes, are always popular and delicious. The Lemaire House-Ground Barnyard Burger is the one menu constant and is a tribute to the entire farm — pig bacon, sunny-side up chicken egg, farmhouse cow cheddar cheese and duck foie gras sauce.

Seasonally, guests will also find Lemaire’s signature F.G.T’s (fried green tomatoes), Hanover tomato gazpacho and Chesapeake Bay soft shell crab on the menu. Menu items containing Dave and Dee’s mushrooms, from a local farm, are always a great selection and anything mentioning Billy Bread, Manakintown or Edward’s – other favorite local food artisans.

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