What are the best things to do in Riyadh?

Riyadh is flush with adventures. Within its city limits you’ll find museums and glitzy shopping and dining options, and sky-high vantage points to view the city. In the surrounding dessert, you’ll experience ancient traditions like camel riding and cultural festivals. Here our five fantastic things to do and see in Riyadh:
1. Go to the Al Janadriyah festival. If want to experience the culture of Saudi Arabia then plan your trip around the Al Janadriyah festival held every spring. The enormous event showcases the way life used to be with mud houses, food, shows and live reenactments.
2. Take a trip into the desert. You can venture into the solitude of the golden blankets of sand in snap — just drive outside the city limits. When you pass by a Bedouin tent, stop and say hi. Saudi Bedouins are known for their generosity (you’ll likely be offered fresh camel milk). Camel rides, picnics and bonfires are also popular adventures to be had in the desert.
3. Visit the National Museum. Inside this impressive museum you’ll see an enchanting display of Saudi Arabia's culture in past and present forms. The museum has eight floors of Arabian history and is known as one of the best museums in all of the Middle East.
4. Fly to the top of Kingdom Tower Sky Bridge. High-speed elevators will whiz you to the top of this recent addition to the Riyadh skyline. Time your visit to the 99th floor as the sun is setting, and you’ll get a breathtaking view of an entire city and beyond.
5. Go to the racetrack. Watch beautiful Arabian horses as they dash through the racetrack of the elite Equestrian Club. The grounds are often filled with members from the royal family watching from balconies.