What kinds of massages are offered at Aviara Spa?

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Julia Weiler

The treatment menu at Aviara Spa includes a wide array of massages designed and customized to target specific goals and needs. The detox massage aims to detoxify and energize with full-body dry brushing and a firming gel mask followed by an invigorating rubdown with a blend of juniper, rosemary and grapefruit oils. At the other end of the spectrum, the deep sleep ritual uses a calming botanical elixir of ylang-ylang, vetiver and petitgrain paired with long, soothing strokes to calm nerves and induce deep relaxation. The therapeutic massage addresses sore muscles and stiff joints throughout the body while the Golfer’s Massage focuses on loosening muscles and stretching tendons before or after play. Massage rituals are available in either 50- or 80-minute sessions.  Foot, hand and scalp massages can also be had and last for 25 minutes.

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