What special amenities are offered at Bacara Resort & Spa’s pool?

Answers from Our Experts (1)

Although there’s no staff to assist you with towels or chair set-up at the Bacara Resort & Spa pool, you’ll nevertheless find several special amenities to enhance your afternoon of bathing and splashing.  At the hotel’s main saltwater pool, there’s always fruit-infused iced water along with children’s play toys.  You can also easily order cocktails and food from the nearby Pool Café, like California fish tacos, a burger or a barbecued chicken flatbread. Yet one of our favorite aspects of the hotel’s main pool is the sectioned off sandbox area for the little ones.  Especially during the summer months, the adjacent beach is often slicked with tar (hence the tar-removing towelettes located next to the towel set-up), and this area provides a fun, clean spot for families to frolic in the sun together. If you’re looking for a bit more privacy, though, you can always head to the Spa Pool, which is reserved for adults only, or you can rent one of the cabañas surrounding the smaller swimming pool and hot tub. These intimate nooks offer televisions, Internet access and a table and chairs along with chaise lounges. At Bacara Resort & Spa, almost all your poolside needs are covered.

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