What words best describe the style of Bacara Resort & Spa?

Answers from Our Experts (1)

No need to consult the dictionary to find the best words to describe the style of Bacara Resort & Spa; just use these:
1. Mediterranean. Wood beams traverse the ceilings while Spanish tile graces the floors in Bacara’s guest rooms, creating an cozy ambiance that reflects those sun-drenched hills of Spain.

2. Lush. Rooms at Bacara are divided among several villas, all of which are tucked into the landscape, so you’ll see greenery at every turn.  Whether your patio looks out onto roses and lavender sprigs or tropical banana trees, you’ll find foliage wherever you look.

3. Coastal. Although it’s still a luxurious getaway, there’s something very unassuming and laid back about the Santa Barbara hotel.  That easy, breezy, beachy feeling that proclaims you're California dreaming.

4. Scenic. Bacara offers some stunning views of the Pacific Ocean, especially at dusk when the sky is awash in shades of pink and mauve.  Our favorite spot for admiring the sights is at the top of the swimming pool, which offers unobstructed panoramas of the sea.

5. Cozy. Most of Bacara’s rooms offer fireplaces, but even if your room doesn’t, head over to the inviting lobby area that’s filled with leather armchairs, huge Gerbera daisy displays and a lovely wood-burning fireplace where you can sit and enjoy the newspapers on hand.  During the day, the lobby even offers a complimentary iced tea and cucumber water bar so you’ll never go thirsty.  At Bacara, you’ll find all the comforts of home without lifting a finger. That's what we call a vacation.

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