What are the best neighborhoods in Santiago?

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Gabriel O’Rorke

Santiago is a collection of very different neighborhoods. Just when you think you've discovered the best parts of the city, another smaller, more tucked away, but equally attractive part of town emerges. Chile's capital city is growing and new boutiqes, cafes and restaurants are popping up in districts that were once either run down or quiet and residential.

The main, must-visit neighborhoods would have to be: Providencia, Lastarria and Vitacura.

Providencia is busy, buzzy and loved by people of all walks of life. The main drag is Providencia Street, but little streets branch off this busy road and it's here that you find the real gems: be it Orrego Luco, a street lined with restaurants and bars, or the residential area around Colon Metro where coffee shops like Espresso line the leafy streets.

Lastarria is slightly more boho than Providencia. There are more hidden areas, with cobbled squares surrounded by restaurants and quirky boutiques selling original pieces of clothing and jewelry. There are some great wine bars, a particular favorite is Boca Nariz where you are given three glasses of wine chosen by region rather than grape - i.e. mountain not syrah.

Then there's Vitacura, a leafy, well to do, residential area with "restaurant row" Nueva Costanera as well as Santiago's Fifth Avenue, Alonso de Cordova. This is the place for fashionable dining and fashionable shopping. Plus it's home to the Noi Vitacura Hotel which has one of the best roof terraces for a pisco sour sundowner.

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