What is the locker room like at the gym at Fairmont Olympic Hotel?

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After swimming laps in the indoor pool or peddling on the stationary bicycle at the gym at Fairmont Olympic Hotel, you’ll be treated to a fully equipped locker room where you can shower off or work up even more of a sweat while enjoying the soothing dry heat of the sauna. You’ll need to get a key from the attendant manning the Forbes Travel Guide Four-Star hotel's gym reception desk to open the pale wood lockers, and don’t worry about leaving your wet swimsuit in a heap — an automatic dryer is located next to the toilets. You won’t find anything inside of the lockers at this luxury Seattle hotel, but should you need a robe in addition to the towels provided, simply take one of the plush terrycloth ones hanging in the two showers. And along with the standard shampoo, conditioner and body wash offered in the showers, you’ll also discover razors and shaving cream plus a sanitized pair of rubber flip flops so you don’t have to step foot on the shower’s white tile floor or the locker room’s gray patterned carpet. Hair dryers and styling products mean you won’t have to head back up to your room to finish getting ready, and a self-serve espresso machine in the hallway ensures you’ll be ready to start the day with a burst of caffeinated energy.

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