What words best describe the style of Fairmont Olympic Hotel?

Answers from Our Experts (1)

When telling our friends about Fairmont Olympic Hotel, these are the words we use to describe the style of the hotel:

1. Elegant. The moment you step into the dramatic lobby with its domed recessed ceiling and dark wood wraparound balcony and gilded chandeliers, you’ll be transported into a world of refinement and luxury.

2. Old World. From the valets dressed in their elegant gray overcoats with gold trim to the sounds of the piano player tickling the ivories in the classic Terrace Lounge bar, you’ll find an ambiance that hearkens back to the Gilded Age.   

3. Italianesque. While the Forbes Travel Guide Four-Star hotel’s guest rooms are decorated in more of an English country style, its lobby areas feature Italian Renaissance design accented with tall floral displays and brocade furniture.

4. Friendly. With more than 400 rooms, the luxury Seattle hotel is certainly large — but here you’ll receive the type of personalized, attentive service you’re used to finding at smaller, boutique hotels. The staff is always happy to lend a helping hand and address you by name.

5. Eco-friendly. The hotel’s committed to being as environmentally conscious as possible. Although it means that services like linen changing is by request only, it also means the hotel actively engages in recycling and composting, has an Eco-Meet program that minimizes harm to the environment during meetings and conferences, and even cultivates honey for its restaurants atop its roof from five beehives.

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