What is the design style of Les Suites Orient, Bund Shanghai?

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The style of Les Suites Orient, Bund Shanghai, combines mid-century modern design with retro collectibles and natural elements like wood and stone, all set in a neutral color scheme. The ground floor lobby and third floor reception feature a sea of beige marble and warm wood paneling, which glow at night among the lit votive candles and pillar candles in hurricane holders lining the staircase. Throwback collector’s items are on display throughout the hotel, like several radios from the mid-1900s arranged on shelves in the guest lounge, stacks of antique trunks in the corner of the ground floor lobby and an old-fashioned camera on a tripod in the corridor of the restaurant. These lend the public areas a curatorial feel, making guests feel as if they are exploring the home of an eccentric. A striking Austrian grand piano stands in the corner of reception area, and the layout of the hotel encourages discretion — signage is minimal, the restaurant is only accessible by staircase from reception and the lounge is down another corridor. Lounges are furnished like living rooms, with a mixture of polished parquet flooring and geometric-patterned carpeting, low coffee tables, chandeliers, fresh-cut roses and plenty of velvety sofas and armchairs.

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