What are five things I should know about Mr & Mrs Bund?

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Located on Shanghai’s beautiful Bund, Mr & Mrs Bund is a unique restaurant where you can get fine food in a hipster atmosphere. Here are five things you should know about the popular eatery before you book a table:

1. It has a reputation. Mr & Mrs Bund is one of the most celebrated and popular Western restaurants in all of Shanghai — both visitors and locals often seek it out for its singular approach to modern French food.

2. The chef is clever. Celebrated French chef Paul Pairet is renowned for his clever and humorous approach to cooking as well as his technical perfectionism. During a recent visit, he served his tuna mousse amuse-bouche in a tin can with its self-opening lid pulled halfway off.

3. The atmosphere is elegant but quirky. The ambience at Mr & Mrs Bund is in keeping with chef Pairet’s stylish-but-witty food philosophy. The interiors are decked out in black and red, the chairs and tables are oversized and the servers are clad in ties, denim, white button-downs with black elbow pads and Converse sneakers. The art is hipster-chic: The dining room features a huge abacus with glass beads and an old-fashioned arcade game shaped like an ampersand.

4. The building is historic. Mr & Mrs Bund is located in a painstakingly restored colonial 1920s building called Bund 18 — everything from the lobby to the staircases and elevators is gorgeously appointed.

5. The late-night scene borders legendary status. This is the only fine Western restaurant in Shanghai where you can order dishes like frog legs with garlic and parsley and beef cheek pot-au-feu with truffles until 4 a.m.

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