What are the five best things to order at Mr & Mrs Bund?

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There’s one thing you can be sure of when dining at Mr & Mrs Bund: You’ll likely see a slew of dishes that you want to try, given the lengthy menu (possibly the longest we’ve ever seen). If you want to avoid a misstep, order one of these five things, chef Paul Pairet’s most popular signature dishes:

1. The picnic chicken aioli. It’s a char-grilled cold chicken breast served with garlic mayonnaise.

2. The foie gras light crumble. A light duck foie gras mousse comes topped with a raisin-hazelnut crumble.

3. The long short rib teriyaki PP. Indulge in teriyaki-glazed ribs served with an orange reduction and garlic chips. (The “PP” designation means chef Pairet created the dish himself.)

4. The jumbo shrimp in citrus jar PP. A single steamed jumbo shrimp artfully sits in a glass jar with citrus, lemongrass and vanilla. When the dish is presented in front of you, take a whiff of the fragrant aroma.

5. The arugula mushroom truffle. Order up the arugula salad, which is sprinkled with soy dressing, truffles, Paris mushrooms and Parmigiano flakes.

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