What is the chef at Mr & Mrs Bund’s food philosophy?

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Mr & Mrs Bund chef Paul Pairet’s food philosophy is all about sophistication, wit, drama and exacting execution. His goal is to engage all of your senses — and your brain — in every dish. For example, his signature lemon and lemon tart (a witty take on the French dessert tarte au citron) appears to be a lemon served whole, but it’s actually a complex creation that takes more than 18 hours to produce. Hiding within the candied rind is a lovely mix of lemon curd, cream and sorbet infused with flavors of grapefruit and vanilla chantilly.

At the Shanghai restaurant, Pairet plays with ingredients as mundane as canned tuna and french fries and transforms them into gourmet, avant-garde creations. While his cooking is grounded in French tradition and technique, Pairet incorporates spices and flavorings from around the world.

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