What is the interior design of Mr & Mrs Bund?

Answers from Our Experts (1)

As part of its interior design, Mr & Mrs Bund looks like an open and airy modern home with a dose of playfulness. From the moment you step through the front residential-looking doors (one is painted red, the other green) on the sixth floor of Bund 18, you sense that this modern French eatery doesn’t take itself too seriously. Sure, the black table linens are crisp, and servers wear ties, but the space also exudes a whimsical Alice in Wonderland vibe. In the large red, black and gray space, some tables have stuffed armchairs, and others have supersized throne-like chairs with light brown animal fur throw pillows. Ornate white blown-glass chandeliers hang above warm dark wood flooring. The fun comes in with the art: An oversized abacus with glass beads and a large old-school arcade game whose body is shaped like an ampersand sit in the dining room like sculptures, while framed wall photos show an octopus tentacle wrapped around an arm and another encircling a silver can.

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