What vegetarian and vegan dishes does Mr & Mrs Bund offer?

Answers from Our Experts (1)

There is a large variety of vegetarian dishes at Mr & Mrs Bund, thanks to a deep menu built around individual main ingredients. And despite the many pages of options, it’s easy to navigate toward the vegetarian offerings. For example, under the “eggplant” heading, you’ll find the vegetable cooked in myriad styles and variations, such as the popular Middle Eastern-influenced char-grilled eggplant with sesame paste, cumin and coriander. A choice under the “leeks” heading includes truffle-charred leeks served with a truffle jus and traditional French tarragon-butter emulsion. One of the most popular vegetarian items at the contemporary French restaurant is the arugula-mushroom-truffle salad — it’s made with truffles and mushrooms imported from Paris and is sprinkled with soy dressing and Parmigiano flakes. Main dishes for vegetarians include creamy goat cheese risotto with basil and the strozzapreti pasta served with tomato sauce, basil and basil oil.

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