What are five things I should know about Yamazato Shanghai?

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Yamazato is located in the Okura Garden Hotel Shanghai, one of Japan’s premium hotel brands. Here are five things we think you should know about the restaurant:

1. There is more than one outpost of the restaurant. Yamazato has well-known locations in Amsterdam at Hotel Okura Amsterdam and in Tokyo at Hotel Okura Tokyo.

2. Traditional Japanese cuisine with a twist. With Japanese owners and a kitchen headed up by executive chef Akira Kimura and sushi chef Masami Ishii, you can expect an excellent selection of traditional Japanese cuisine cooked up with a twist. Not only does Ishii have 30 years of slicing and dicing experience behind him, he’s also got a creative streak that allows him to think of traditional Japanese dishes in a whole new way.

3. Seasonal ingredients are used. In a multiple number of set menus you’ll find seasonal ingredients showcased in light-hearted dishes, all composed with a balance of colors and flavors.

4. Diverse menus. Yamazato is a diverse Japanese restaurant that should be able to satisfy any type of eating preference.

5. A new sushi counter. Yamazato is separated into smoking and non-smoking sections, so you can pick which section you prefer. A sushi counter was just added if you’d rather sit there and be entertained while you eat.

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