What is the menu like at Yamazato Shanghai?

Answers from Our Experts (1)

The menu at Yamazato is lengthy, with offerings that range from stews and cold dishes to teppanyaki. This leaves you with a book that’s more than 10 pages long and stuffed full of options. That doesn’t even include the two pages of seasonal dishes that chef Akira Kimura puts together to showcase some of his most fleeting and freshest ingredients. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, the seasonal menu is where you should start as this is where Kimura does some of his best work. Also worth exploring is the range of set menus that Yamazato offers — it allows you to taste a captivating range of the kitchen’s offerings for a reasonable price. A bento box meal for RMB350 (US$55) allows you to taste six different types of dishes all at once. It’s delicious and a good value for high-end Japanese offerings.

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