What are five things to know about Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore?

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We always like to know what to expect when we book a room, so we’ve identified a few things you’d likely want to know before your visit to Forbes Travel Guide Four-Star Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore. Here are five things to keep in mind:

1. It’s located on a hill set off from busy streets. If you’re planning on walking rather than driving in Singapore, know that when you leave the main entrance you’ll have to follow a narrow walkway with stairs leading down to the street level. It’s not a long hike but it’s steep.

2. It’s a kid-friendly place. The hotel is large and offers various accommodations and dining venues that are child-friendly. The huge resort pool is a big draw for kids, as is the hotel’s babysitting services for adults.

3. There are three different wings. With three different wings in the hotel, you can choose the type of stay you want. Book a room in the Valley Wing for the utmost in luxury and sophistication, the contemporary Tower Wing to located be in the main hotel area, and the Garden Wing to experience nature-inspired rooms and public spaces.

4. It’s got a central city location. Near the glitz and glamour of Orchard Road’s shopping district, the hotel is situated in a prime spot for shopping and dining and is centrally located near other attractions such as the Singapore Botanic Gardens.

5. The rooms are traditionally designed. You won’t find overly minimalistic, modern rooms here. Although the technology is updated, the décor is more classic and refine. Want a more contemporary design? Book a room in the Tower Wing.

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