What is the design style of Morris Inn?

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Caroline Patek

Frequently referred to as the university's "living room," Morris Inn is very much a part of the reason Notre Dame feels like home to so many. During the hotel's 2012-13 expansion and renovation, care was taken to maintain the neo-Gothic look that is pervasive across the campus. The entryway was redone in marble and the color scheme was altered to flow even more harmoniously with the school's traditional navy and gold. While only one wall facing from the original building was maintained, the brick exterior of the other walls was crafted to make the transition from one to the next seamless. A corner entryway leading to the new 300-seat ballroom was also added to allow direct access for numerous on-site events, including frequent wedding receptions. The walls of the South Bend hotel are decorated with art that showcases the other buildings throughout the campus in interesting ways, including some that feature close-up representations of the famous Word of Life mosaic that adorns the front of the 13-story Hesburgh Library.

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