What restaurants does Morris Inn have?

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Caroline Patek

Sorin's, named after Notre Dame's founder Father Edward Sorin, is Morris Inn's fine-dining option, serving breakfast, lunch and dinner. The restaurant's menu periodically changes to offer the freshest seasonal items but continuously features a host of seafood and meat options such as the sautéed Dover sole with lemon, caper and white wine sauce and saffron rice, and the tournedos with seared scallops, wilted kale and glazed root vegetables. The restaurant offers an excellent selection of wines, including a grouping that features bottles from the wineries of Notre Dame alumni. Recently renovated with fresh carpeting and new fixtures, Sorin's still features the wall murals depicting the campus at different points in time that have become a touchstone for generations of graduates.

Rohr's, which opened after the South Bend hotel's renovation and took the place of the former Leahy's Lounge, offers a more casual dining atmosphere. Complete with a well-stocked bar, the restaurant's menu features traditional American fare in the form of burgers and sandwiches, but also includes an interesting array of non-standard pub selections such as a fresh Scottish salmon in butter sauce served over Brussels sprouts.

Even with the renovation and name change, the Morris’ institution is still affectionately referred to as "Murf's Bar" by locals and Notre Dame alums out of reverence for longtime bartender Patrick "Murf" Murphy, who's been serving drinks since 1977. Patrons from all walks come to hear Murf tell anecdotes about the politicians, sports personalities and celebrities who make their way to the bar for a drink any time that they're in town. Rohr’s menu even features a Murf burger (Swiss, cheddar, sautéed mushrooms and onions) and onion strings. Taking a cue from Murf, the rest of the wait staff is friendly and eager to offer suggestions to help indecisive customers.

Fireside Terrace is open from spring to fall and has outdoor seating adjacent to Sorin's. With a splendid view of the campus and a shared menu with Rohr's, the terrace offers a pleasant compromise between the two.

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