What are the best amenities at Primland?

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When you stay at The Lodge and Cottages at Primland, you’ll be treated to a slew of luxurious amenities — from the dining options to the chlorine-free swimming pool — but these five perks stand out at the Forbes Travel Guide Four-Star hotel:

1. Frette slippers and soft robes. You’ll find your room stocked with plush terrycloth robes with the hotel’s logo on it and soft Frette slippers in the bathroom with a matching logo. These come in handy as you walk across the sleek hardwood floors. And your robe will be laid out for you at turndown each night.

2. Fudge during turndown service. Turndown service treats you with locally made fudge from a nearby spot in Meadows of Dan. It’s a delicious treat that awaits you on the bedside table when you return to your room from dinner or gazing at the stars.

3. Keurig coffee maker. Your room will be stocked with a Keurig coffee maker stocked with plenty of different teas and coffees to enjoy during your stay. You’ll find a nighttime herbal tea, a breakfast blend coffee and more. It’s perfect for when you need a caffeine fix but don’t want to leave your room.

4. Chlorine-free swimming pool. This sleek swimming pool doesn’t have chlorine, so you won’t have to deal with the chemical smell of the regular chlorine-filled pools. The sleek design of this indoor pool also has doors that open out to a large patio so you can still get the sun beating down on you while in the pool.

5. S’mores at dusk by the fire pit. One of the best amenities for kids, each night, staff will stock the large patio at the Lodge with all the ingredients for s’mores so your kids (well, and you too…that is if the kids will share) can make your own treats over the sleek fire pit.

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