What words best describe the style of Primland?

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The words that best describe the style of The Lodge and Cottages at Primland are:

1. Luxurious. Although the property is situated up in the mountains surrounded by woods, you’ll still be pampered in the guest rooms and cottages. You’ll find sleek wood, leather, granite and stone furnishings and design work, beautiful modern artwork, flat-screen TVs, Frette linens on a plush bed, turndown service and a pampering staff. It’s a luxurious place to stay in the middle of nature.

2. Remote. This Forbes Travel Guide Four-Star hotel is off the beaten path, and you’ll most likely follow winding and spiraling roads to get there. Even when you get to the security gate at the property’s entrance, you’ll have to drive another six miles through the woods to get there. If you’re looking for a quiet place to recharge or spend time with loved ones, this is a great spot to do so.

3. Rustic. Although the guest rooms are luxurious here, the exterior looks like a wooden mansion and the interior is covered in wood—even the entire elevator has hardwood flooring and wood paneling. It gives the property a very rustic vibe but in the most luxurious way possible. It’s evident that the Lodge and cottages were crafted with the highest quality of natural and sustainable goods. It’s the sleekest and most sophisticated log cabin-like lodge we’ve seen.

4. Refreshing. High up in the mountains, offering spectacular views and a night’s sky full of stars, The Lodge and Cottages at Primland is a place you can just breath in the fresh air and take it all. It’s refreshing to shut-down and just enjoy the natural surroundings as well as the beautiful property. It’s refreshing to be somewhere such as this and the staff will help you to enhance your experience.

5. Romantic. Deep into the woods, the Lodge is the perfect spot for a little romance. If you’re looking for a quiet, private getaway, you’ll find it here. And for the utmost in romance, choose to stay in a private cottage, most of which are secluded off into the woods. The Lodge is romantic as well, with various fireplaces with plush leather sofas to relax on, and various patios to sit outside and relax. There’s also a luxe fire pit out on a deck offering a spectacular view of the mountains where you can cozy up with your loved one. Climb the stairs to the observatory and enjoy gazing at the stars — we can’t think of anything more romantic.

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