Where is the best nightlife in St. Barts?

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Hayley Bosch

If there’s one thing people in St. Barts know how to do, it’s party. Whether you are at a private villa or a beach club, the champagne will be flowing and music will be blasting. Most of the island’s bars and nightclubs are filled with chic, well-heeled travelers, but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t overflowing with island flavor.
Perhaps the most unique locale on the island, Le Ti St. Barth is a quasi-supper club, but with a hefty dose of Moulin Rouge in the mix. As you enjoy your dinner, you’ll be serenaded by dancers — both male and female — in a burlesque show. While the performances can be a bit risqué and are not recommended for kids, it’s far from inappropriate. Once the dinner show is over and the plates are cleared, diners and performers alike dance the night away on tables and throughout the red-draped restaurant. Check to the schedule once you’re in town to see if one of the theme parties are taking place — they are legendary.
If you’re looking for a beach club, head straight to Nikki Beach. Set on Baie de St. Jean, this world-famous club (which has locations around the world) is a place to sun during the day and party at night. Reserve ahead to for lounge chairs during the day, and to be sure to get past the velvet rope at night.
Across the way in Gustavia is Baz Bar, which doubles as a sushi restaurant and nightclub. Live music, including jazz, soul and blues, makes the harbor-side bar an eclectic place with an even more diverse crowd — you’ll spot everyone from models to sailors.
Also in Gustavia, the Yacht Club is not filled with your average pastel-wearing yachters — instead, this nightclub is the place to party afterhours and into the dawn. Owned by the same woman behind Le Ti, the Yacht Club is filled with house music and attractive people dancing the night away.

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