What is the best time of year to visit Stockholm?

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Joseph Reaney

Stockholm is a completely different experience depending on when you visit, yet every season has its charms.
The summer period between June and August can be surprisingly warm, with temperatures up to the mid-20s (high 70s Fahrenheit), so this is the ideal time for sightseeing. The warm weather is ideal for strolling the city’s streets, enjoying live concerts in its many parks, taking a swim in the sea and hopping on an island cruise. And with the sun visible almost all day long (it tends to disappear for around an hour each night, although the sky still remains light), you can enjoy all this anytime you like.
The winter period, meanwhile, is quite different. It’s almost always dark (the sun appears for just a couple of hours) and bitterly cold (average temperature of minus three), it can be depressing for some. However, the snow-covered Old Town looks just beautiful at this time of year, and the city’s Christmas markets are some of the best in Europe. So as long as you wrap up warm and take a flask full of cocoa with you, a winter tour around the city can be immensely enjoyable.

Spring and autumn, meanwhile, are the quietest times to visit, mainly because both seasons can be quite rainy and are therefore not particularly popular with tourists. However, in a city with as much nature as Stockholm, watching the flowers bloom or the trees change color can also be lots of fun — and you might feel as though you have the Swedish capital all to yourself.

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