What are the best amenities at Spa du Sureau?

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Spa du Sureau’s small facility feels intimate, and the Old World treatments feel relaxing and renewing. Here is our list of the best amenities at this one-of-a-kind spa:

1. The welcome footbath. You won’t be rushed into the locker rooms here — you’re greeted at the Forbes Travel Guide Four-Star spa with a footbath and massage. The elderberry and rose petal bath is refreshing and unique — a perfect way to begin the spa experience.

2. Just a spoonful of honey. The spa manager will offer you a taste of elderberry honey before you begin your treatment. This unexpected touch is delicious, and we found that the sweet flavor really put us in a relaxed frame of mind.

3. The post-treatment snack. After your massage, bath or facial is over, you’ll be taken to the sunny relaxation room. There, while seated on a plush chair, you’ll be served the house tea on ice with fresh raspberries and mint, along with two chocolate-covered madeleine cookies.

4. The dry sauna. Enter the sleek glass-walled and wood-lined sauna covered in aromatic oil from your treatment and let your skin absorb the rich moisture. The dry heat will help you sweat out any toxins, not to mention making your stresses melt away.

5. The spa bath. This grand bath is in the center of Spa du Sureau’s master treatment room. You can receive a variety of treatments while relaxing in this beautiful marble tub with room to spare. The warm surroundings, with a fireplace and framed art, will make you feel at home, but better.

Our guests will be able to enjoy the following amenities during their visit to Spa du Sureau: Art Deco cheetah print bathrobes, pre-treatment foot bath, elderberry honey elixir served before a treatment, dry sauna and elderberry tea, which served after the conclusion of a treatment.

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