What unique treatments are available at Spa du Sureau?

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One of the more unique treatments available at Spa du Sureau is the signature Hydrostorm, a blend of custom-selected salts or seaweeds that’s prepared to address your specific needs. Here’s how this innovative sensory experience works:
Once you’re inside the treatment area, and have applied your blend of salts or seaweeds, you’ll be exposed to beneficial light therapy while you’re sprayed from a variety of different water outlets. The aromatic blend, light and water all combine to create a rather memorable experience — and at just $65 per person or $95 per couple, it’s also a great bargain.
Another unique treatment at the Forbes Travel Guide Four-Star spa is the 25-minute Kneipp Herbal Bath, which utilizes your choice of seven fragrant essential oils, including lavender, juniper, valerian and hops and spruce. This luxurious treatment can be added to any regular spa treatment.

With meticulous care and attention, our spa staff of expertly trained therapists delights in providing you with these fine and unique spa treatments:

1.Thai-Sa-Wan. he herbal poultice massage, which originated in Thailand, uses a heated muslin parcel filled with fragrant herbs and spices to help relieve stress and tension and help reenergize the body.

2. A Taste of Nirvana. This foot and leg treatment consists of a soothing aromatic mineral salt foot bath, followed by a gentle full-leg exfoliation, a reflexology foot massage and a firm massage of the legs with hot basalt stones.

3. Elderberry Bliss Facial. This aromatherapy facial includes cleansing, exfoliating, re-hydrating and finishes with a custom-blended masque.

4. Sierra Wellness. This Hydrotherapy Kur package consists of an aromatherapy hydromassage, an aromatherapy wrap, a scalp massage and a 60-minute facial that incorporates a stone massage with rose and elderflower oils.

5. Hydrostorm. This hydrotherapy treatment also uses beneficial rainbow hues for light therapy.

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