Which shops are located near Spa du Sureau?

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There are a few nearby shops perfect for squeezing in a quick shopping expedition before or after your visit to Spa du Sureau, starting with the quaint Gift Boutique located within The Estate by the Elderberries itself. Here you’ll find everything from high-quality apparel and jewelry to fine china and the same crystal used in the estate’s restaurant, Erna’s Elderberry House.
A little further away from the Forbes Travel Guide Four-Star spa, off Highway 140 in the neighboring hamlet of Oakhurst, is Chocolate Soup, a lovely cabin-turned-boutique which offers a bounty of irresistible lagniappes and historical pieces sprinkled across 12 delightfully decorated studios. This is a great place to scoop up linens, bath products, decorations for your home and small gifts.
If it’s a full-on shopping spree you’re after you’ll have to make the 45-minute drive to Fresno, where you’ll find popular chains such as Macy’s, Anthropologie, Old Navy and Target.

Spa du Sureau is located on the 9-acre Estate at the Elderberries on the outskirts of the small town of Oakhurst, Calif. In order to access the local shopping, you will need to use a car. Oakhurst does offer supermarkets, drugstores, a few antique stores as well as some art galleries at Gallery Row. Please do not expect to find any fancy boutiques or clothing stores here — the few clothing stores basically provide everything for enjoying summer and winter outdoors.

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