What are the five best things to eat and drink at Innisbrook?

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With five different restaurants at Innisbrook resort, it’s hard to pick the best items from the menus. However, there are five things you don’t want to miss at the Florida resort:

1. Onion rings at Salamander Market Grille. After dining at Salamander Market Grille, Forbes Travel Guide editors couldn’t stop talking about the onion rings. The large onion rings are dressed in a sweet-spiced breadcrumbs and fried to order. They’re thick and piled high, making them perfect for sharing.

2. Steaks at Packard’s Steakhouse. Don’t miss a chance to sink your teeth into the famed steaks, which are aged and then cooked to perfection at Packard’s. You’ll choose your cut, sauce and side.

3. Barbecue ribs at Market Salamander Grille. The fall-off-the-bone tender ribs at Market Salamander Grille come with either a spicy dry rub or sweet barbecue sauce. While they’re featured as an appetizer on the menu, the portion is large enough for an entrée, or to share, if you’re feeling generous.

4. Wines from the Xperience list. One of the more unique items at Innisbrook is the resort’s Xperience wine list. Available at Packard’s and Market Salamander Grille, the Xperience wine list features boutique wineries that bottle only a few hundred cases of vintage, making these wines one of a kind. The Xperience wine lists feature $25 and $45 bottles, keeping the focus on the wine and not the price.

5. Bread pudding at Market Salamander Grille. The desserts throughout Innisbrook are just as delicious as the savory dishes. If you have a sweet tooth, don’t miss the bread pudding at Market Salamander Grille, which the pastry chef changes daily. Forbes Travel Guide editors especially liked the peach and chocolate chip ones.

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