What five things should I be sure to pack for a stay at Innisbrook?

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If you’re visiting Innisbrook resort, you probably already have your golf clubs and clothing packed. But there’s more to the Florida resort than just golf. Here are five items you’ll want to bring along for a stay at Innisbrook resort:

1. Swimsuit. With six pools on property, there’s plenty of time to lounge around and soak up some sun. Don’t forget to pack a couple swimsuits — one for the pools and one for the nearby Clearwater beaches.

2. Extra shoes. While golf shoes are required if you’re playing on one of the four championship courses at Innisbrook, you’re going to want to pack some flip-flops to wear poolside or at the beach, plus another pair for hiking.

3. Light jacket/wrap for evenings. Even though it’s warm during the day in Florida, it does get chilly at night. Bring a light jacket or wrap for evenings outside. Gentlemen will need a jacket if they plan to dine at Packard’s, the resort’s fine-dining restaurant.

4. Camera. There’s a lot of wildlife inhabiting the grounds at Innisbrook, so bring your camera to capture it all. On early morning nature walks you’ll see various birds and wildlife throughout the resort’s 900 acres.

5. Hats/visors. Extra hats and visors are a great idea, especially if you plan to be on one of the golf courses or by the pool on a daily basis. The sun is strong in Florida, as you’ll find out when playing a round of 18 holes.

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