What five words would you use to describe the style of Innisbrook?

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The style at Innisbrook resort pays homage to its championship golf courses, but there’s more to the Florida resort than what you’ll find on the green. Here are five words Forbes Travel Guide editors would use to describe Innisbrook resort:

1. Spacious. Set on 900 acres, Innisbrook is designed in a country-club style, focusing on its clubhouses and surrounding lodges.

2. Understated. The resort is done in neutral tones, with accents of green, brown and orange. It feels comfortable and classic with just enough luxurious touches in the artwork, fabrics and landscaping.

3. Casual. Since the resort is dedicated to golfing and other outdoor pursuits, the dress code for the rest of the resort is casual. Golf clothes, shorts, T-shirts and jeans are acceptable throughout the restaurants and clubhouses.

4. Sporty. With five golf courses, six pools and tennis courts, it’s not surprising that a sports theme runs throughout the resort. It’s a great place to take golf or tennis clinic to improve your game. And each of the lodges is named for a Scottish or British golfer.

5. Family-friendly. The resort has many amenities designed for children, like the Loch Ness pool, swimming lessons and craft workshops. Plus the free-onsite laundry and the kitchens in many of the suites make it easy for parents to keep their little ones well-dressed and well-fed.

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