What’s the latest treatment offered at Indaba Spa?

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You can always count on Indaba Spa to have new treatments on the spa menu. The concept of the Florida spa at Innisbrook Resort is to incorporate African-inspired rituals and products with Western treatments, paying homage to Indaba’s African philosophy. Each month, the spa features Western and African treatments that correlate to the specific time of the year. Each Western treatment featured on the menu has an African-themed counterpart.

For example, last winter the spa’s Western treatment was a traditional head massage that featured a head massage with special oils. Forbes Travel Guide editors recommend the African version of the treatment:  a Shingo Ritual, in which warm nut oils were massaged into the head while soft tribal music played in the background. While the two treatments are similar, it’s the types of oils and meaning behind the treatments that make each month’s offerings a little unique.
One of the newest treatments at Indaba Spa is the Ultimate Moroccan oil hair treatment, which includes a mask that infuses the hair with the nourishing oil followed by a blowout with a special blow dryer designed to relax frizzy hair.

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