What’s the best trip Adam Seger has ever taken?

I did the cocktails for Eric Ripert’s Cayman Cookout. It was at The Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman, so right on the beach — amazing, amazing hotel and food from Eric, José Andrés, Daniel Humm, Paul Bartolotta and Anthony Bourdain for five days in January, when it’s 70 degrees. It was pretty hard to beat.

The first night was a very formal wine dinner and then the next night is a barefoot barbecue on the beach where they set up the barbecues right in the water. Then one night is a $700-per-person dinner at Blue — just completely over the top. But then the day before, Ripert is making snapper burgers on the beach. So it was just a really fun kind of combination. There were a couple times where you had to put on long pants, but other than that, it’s like you barely had to wear shoes. That was a real treat.

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