What’s the one bar tool Adam Seger can’t live without?

My Boston shaker. I’m old school — I just do the 16-ounce pint glass and the stainless-steel shaker. I have it with me everywhere; I don’t leave the house without it. It’s amazing — I’ll go to bars that have the bell shakers, like the copper ones, and I think you just don’t get enough airspace when you’re shaking with those to get a really nice frost and condensation with the ice. I also like having the glass pint glass because you can see what’s going into the drink versus in the metal, where you can’t really see what’s going on.

When you build a cocktail in metal, you’re generally building it over ice, but the ice is starting to melt before you start shaking. Where when you build it in a pint glass, you’re not touching the alcohol and the base with ice until you’re ready to shake. It would be like in the kitchen, the last thing you’re going do is put that piece of fish in a sauté pan once you know you have all of your sauces, vegetables and seasonings ready to go because you want that fish cooked just at the last second and as fresh as possible when you bring it to the table. That’s the same thing about a cocktail — you have everything put together; you have everything pre-tasted; then that last thing, you add ice to your shaker and give it a good shake in a Boston shaker. So I definitely can’t live without that.

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