What is Adam Tihany's favorite resort?

It’s the One&Only Palmilla in Los Cabos. If it’s our refuge, my wife and I go there at least once a year. We find it to be the perfect resort. Perfect resort doesn’t necessarily mean bricks and stones, as you know. It has to do with people. I think it’s probably the best-run resort that I have experienced, and I have been to quite a few. It’s a relatively large place. There are about 180 rooms or so. It’s very personal, very individual. They cater to your personality more than to your needs, which is quite extraordinary. In the main hotel restaurant the chef will cook for you whatever you would like. The first time you step in they establish a relationship—and they don’t ask you about your dietary restrictions and allergies—they introduce you to the chef and that’s it, you’re home. It’s like you have a personal cook. The spa has the same attitude.

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