Ago Perrone



As the head mixologist at what is often considered one of the best bars in the world, Ago Perrone certainly knows how to whip up a good cocktail. The Connaught Bar’s main bartender hails from Lake Como, Italy, and is more than passionate about his craft. Perrone began his bartending career in a small coffee shop in Como before attending the 3F American Bartender School. He moved to London in 2003 and became the head bartender at Dusk. But it was at Montgomery Place in Notting Hill that his career really took off — earning him several prestigious awards. In 2008, Perrone joined the team at the esteemed Connaught Hotel. And in 2010, he received the “World’s Best Bartender” award from Tales of the Cocktail, which also bestowed the “World’s Best Cocktail Bar” title to The Connaught Bar in 2012.