Aldo Sohm


New York

Aldo Sohm, chef sommelier at New York’s Le Bernardin, is well known for his food and wine pairings — his classic duo is Le Bernardin’s scallops with morels teamed with Chablis 1er Cru Vaillon, Defaix 2000. Sohm oversees the celebrated restaurant’s wine collection of 15,000 bottles. The Austrian-born Sohm landed in New York in 2004 after a couple stints at Austria’s finest restaurants. In 2008, a year after he joined Le Bernardin, Sohm was named Best Sommelier in the World by the Worldwide Sommelier Association. In 2009, the Austrian-born Sohm launched his own label Sohm & Kracher, which focuses on the wines of Austria. He also created a bespoke corkscrew by Laguiole, and has a stemware line produced by Austrian glassware company Zalto.

  • On October 29, 2012
    Aldo Sohm answered the question: Aldo Sohm

    What are Aldo Sohn’s favorite cities to visit?

    I love to go to Buenos Aires. I think it’s a fascinating city, and it’s also has fascinating people. There’s so much old structure there — it has kind of a 1930s feel. Time stops there. I always have a hard time leaving Buenos Aires.
    Vienna is another favorite. It’s not just because Austria is my home country, but I think Vienna has a charming component to it, and it’s really clean. There’s so much culture — music, cafes, little restaurants.
  • On October 29, 2012
    Aldo Sohm answered the question: Aldo Sohm

    What are Aldo Sohn's favorite restaurants in New York?

    Lately, I’ve been going to a place in my neighborhood called Chuko — it’s a ramen place. Also in Brooklyn is a little Italian place called Franny’s. They have a very clean cuisine. They offer pasta, pizzas, but also some very clean appetizers. They also have a very smart wine list — not the biggest one, but it’s so creative. If you have a big wine list, making it creative isn’t very difficult. But making a small wine list creative is difficult.
    In New York, I love to go to Daniel. For me, a great place is Blue Hill at Stone Barns. Everything is seasonal. I just came from there and had a really phenomenal meal. I don’t mind traveling for food.
    And even though it’s not a brunch place, I go to SriPraPhai in Queens, a Thai place. It’s not a fancy restaurant at all, but they deliver such authentic flavors onto the plate. The presentation is very simple, but it’s a restaurant that is spotless clean. They even have a little garden outside and they allow you to bring your own wine.