What does Alex Guarnaschelli order when she dines out?

I have to say, I try not to have expectations and let the experience begin when I walk through the doors. I try to go with no pre-conceived notions of what will happen. I just let it happen. To me, every restaurant is like a play or a movie or a TV show. I like to come in and experience it firsthand in my own way so that a hot dog or charcuterie or a baked potato with a pound of shaved truffles, it’s all the same to me. If there’s some dedication behind it, some passion. Is there a point of view? Is it a new take on a classic? I love the classics re-invented. I am a sucker for it. I love that. I admit it, it’s something I really like to see and I gravitate towards that. You know I grew up with a mother who’d caravan 1,000 miles all over the place for the perfect omelet. Get in the car! I am always searching for new experiences.

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