What kind of shops does Alex Guarnaschelli like?

I am always looking for bookstores. As the daughter of a cookbook editor, I can’t help myself. Especially the small, Mom and Pop ones or places that specialize in travel like I mentioned. I have a natural passion to support these places I have such respect and always want to support those people. Like Joan, I’ve seen her watch food go out to a table and without being evil, she’ll go to the kitchen and re-make the dish and bring it out to the customer. She is terrific beyond belief. I can’t explain what it feels like when she is standing at her place, in one of signature long-flowing skirts, you can believe it. You can say they are just eggs. No not so. She learned to make omelets from Dione Lucas. You can keep your puff pastry and sausage. I’ll take a little bit of her sour cream and mushrooms.

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