What are Alpana Singh’s favorite cities?

I love New York. It’s a quick trip from Chicago. You can get a lot done in a very short amount of time. Because my time is limited these days, it’s great if I want to just take a quick trip and see what’s happening. New York is also a city that offers an interesting vantage point, in the sense that they can do so much with such little space. You have these restaurants that are very concentrated and extremely vibrant, and it’s amazing to see how they can do it within a 2,000-square-foot restaurant. You can go to three or four different places in a night and just get a sense of what the new trends are.

I also really love San Francisco. I think San Francisco, bar none, has the greatest selection of restaurants in the mid price point — whether you’re going to do something that’s more ethnic based or do something more of a neighborhood restaurant. San Francisco, for me, offers and amazing collection of neighborhood restaurants that are a little bit more on the trendier edge as well. And you really can’t beat the produce in San Francisco because they’re so close to the Central Valley where they grow all of the produce. You get these mushrooms that you’ve never heard of and access to seafood, and everything is just so fresh. I also grew up in Monterey, so it’s always very nostalgic for me to go back to San Francisco.

I love Amsterdam. I think Amsterdam is one of the best cities in the world. I’ve been to Amsterdam four times. I love Chicago — I can’t see myself living anywhere else but Chicago — but I’ve always said if there were another other city in this world that I could live in, it would be Amsterdam. The people are just so friendly, and there’s this laidback nature to the city. They have amazing bars, amazing museums, a great sort of sense of culture and just enjoying your life in Amsterdam. I think Amsterdam is absolutely fabulous.

I love Buenos Aires. I think Buenos Aires is a fun city. I’ve been to Buenos Aires four times, and it’s very alive. The architecture there is just splendid. You know, they call it the “Paris of South America” for a reason. It’s quite extraordinary, and the people are very friendly.  There’s a sort of heightened European sense to South America in general, but definitely you feel that in Buenos Aires.

If my husband and I are feeling like we need to celebrate each other and celebrate just romance in general, I think Paris. I mean how could you not love Paris? You can get lost in Paris. We go to Paris and we rediscover ourselves each time.

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