What are Alpana Singh’s favorite hotels?

I really like the Kimpton [Hotels]. I like their quirky sense of décor. I like those little interesting, esoteric touches they have — whether it be leopard-print bathrobes or the amenities. Each one is different, yet there is consistency to them as well. Big fan of the Kimpton group.

I also love the flagship Park Hyatts. They are located in these extraordinary historical buildings. The architecture is amazing, the service is just flawless, and I have had the opportunity to stay at a couple like Palacio Duhau in Buenos Aires. I also stayed at the one in Mendoza in Argentina. There’s just something really magnificent and majestic about staying [there]. When you’re going to stay at a hotel at the top level, you want to feel the grandness, and I think the Park Hyatt really delivers that grandness.

I also think The Peninsula is another great benchmark. They go out of their way, extraordinary service. We have a fabulous Peninsula here in Chicago, and I stayed at the one in New York.  Again, it’s all of those little luxurious touches. When you’re spending that much money, you want to feel special and they really deliver on that as well.

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