What are Alpana Singh’s favorite restaurants?

Now that I’ve had some time running a restaurant and I have a new appreciation for what it takes, I think that hallmark of a great restaurant is consistency. It’s that consistency over a long period of time. Gibsons — we went there once and the next time we returned, they remembered everything about our last visit. They remembered our name, the waiter remembered us, they remembered the wine that we had. We live across the street from Gibsons, so we pop our head in there every once in a while. They’ve been around for over 20 years, and it just keeps getting better. They do such high volume; to be able to have that consistency and remember those details, and hit such high volume and to make it extraordinary and special each time. For me, now that I know what it takes to run an operation, it’s just mind boggling; that’s just pure magic to me.

I think when you run a trendy restaurant, you get the benefit of the press, everybody comes and it’s great and what have you. But I think, how are you going to be 20 years from now? Are you still going to be consistent? Are you still putting out a great product? Are you still delivering great service? Are you still there? So I think Gibsons should definitely be applauded for not only longevity, but not ever losing those standards.

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