What are Alpana Singh’s favorite up-and-coming wine labels?

I would probably say Rajat Parr, who’s a fellow sommelier, he’s sort of transitioning from sommelier to making his own wine — and still working as a sommelier. His wine, Sandhi, specifically, has extremely impressed me. He’s a big burgundy fan, his palate is honed on burgundy and all of his wine lists focus on burgundy. I’ve known him for almost half my life, and I’ve been really proud of what he’s been able to put in a bottle.

It’s from a sommelier’s perspective, where you look for balance and you look for purity of fruit. Even though he’s not working with fruit from Burgundy per se, he’s hitting the nail on the head as far as properly paying homage to his favorite wine. I think as extraordinary and gifted as he is as a sommelier, I think his future is extremely bright. I think he’s going to become one of the great winemakers of our generation.

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