What is Alpana Singh’s favorite wine region?

I would say because I worked at Everest and the chef was from Alsace, we focused on a very large selection of wine from Alsace; and having the opportunity to work with such a large selection of wines from the region, and working with the food, and having visited, I would say Alsace is pretty much at the top of my list, specifically, the riesling grape variety. 

I also really enjoy the rieslings from Germany. It’s one of those grapes that defies conventional wisdom. For a lot of people, when they hear a sommelier say that riesling is their favorite grape, they didn’t think that it was very sophisticated because it is typically a sweet wine. However, there are a lot of elements to riesling. It ages extraordinarily well.  You can get a 25-year-old bottle of Riesling, and it tastes so impeccably fresh.

The food-pairing options for riesling are great. It’s a very adaptable grape when it comes to food-and-wine pairings. The ability of riesling to translate the flavor of the soil and the provenance of where it’s grown, it’s a very pure grape. You really can’t hide a lot of flaws in riesling. It really speaks the truth of the land that it comes from.

The other thing is just the growing regions for riesling. These are extremely inhospitable regions, cold climates, and you have to grow them on steep hillsides. It’s very much a labor of love with winemakers who decide to go forth and produce an excellent bottle of riesling.  With all that, you feel very privileged to enjoy this bottle of wine.

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