What is Alpana Singh's newest restaurant like?

The Boarding House is a project that I’ve been working on for about a year now. We opened December 20, 2012. It is a wine-focused restaurant featuring multiple levels. We have a wine bar on the first floor, a formal dining room on the third floor, and we also have a late-night wine lounge located in the cellar. The building itself is from 1872, and we spent about a year just renovating it, refurbishing it and bringing it back to its distinct glory. It’s been going really well.

The wine program is 500 selections. Our chef is from Quebec, and I would say the cuisine is American but definitely rooted in French-European tradition. The menu for the bar in the cellar is lighter with cheese and charcuterie, pizza and shellfish platters. The dining room menu features a more expansive selection of small, medium and large plates, as well as a few shared entrées.

The bar itself has become somewhat known for our two art installations. On the first-floor bar, we have a chandelier made out of almost 10,000 wine glasses, so that’s the focal point once you walk in. And then the dining room features an installation made out of over 4,000 wine bottles.

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