Why did Andre Fu collaborate with Tai Ping for his rug collection?

Tai Ping is an international brand, but obviously they started in Hong Kong. I’m the first architect or designer to collaborate with them from this part of the world. They’ve worked with multiple designers from Europe or the United States. It’s just fascinating because of the fact that the vision is to find something that celebrates the heritage and yet to design a collection that’s very much a part of modern Asian sensibility.

A lot of my work has been described as being able to perpetuate that. I guess a lot of it comes from the fact that it’s a language that’s very sensuous and balanced, so people do feel a degree of comfort but it’s not literal in any way. It’s the subtly and sense of calm that a lot of people who enjoy my designs gravitate to.
The rug collection is inspired by the cityscape of the urban Asian metropolis — the patterns very much work like a grid. I have then infused different materials, including wool of different pile thickness, bamboo, silk, cashmere, even shoelaces into the grid to create textures of surprising effects. Many would describe the collection as a range of carpets that encapsulates the spirit of couture fabric for the floor.

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