What are Andy Nelson’s favorite cities?

I’ve been to Europe and I did a semester abroad in Germany. During those four months I traveled as much as I could around Europe, which was very cool. I would say Cologne, Germany and then Bruges, Belgium are some of the coolest places I’ve been. Bruges is like a movie. We stayed in this little hotel that was an old barge sitting on the river attached to the dock. You look out and there’s the river and a beautiful park. And then of course there’s Paris. Who can go to Paris and not name that one of their favorite cities? New York City and L.A. are two obvious ones because they’re places that I love visiting. In New York, everything’s happening all the time. I went to college out in L.A. at Loyola Marymount University and every time I go back to visit friends I realize how glad I am that I don’t live there.

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