What are Andy Nelson’s favorite latest cocktail trends in Nashville?

I think it’s cool that there is a cocktail trend going on anywhere, and in Nashville in particular, because people are paying a lot more attention to their spirits. For a long time there was a huge boom in vodka and now it’s of course everywhere, but people are getting much more into mature spirits, bourbons and whiskeys, which I think is pretty exciting. There’s a lot of complexity and a lot of history and cool stuff to know and learn about it. I know that rye is getting really popular and for so long it was seen as rotgut. Rye, the grain, presents itself in whiskey as hot and spicy and tough to drink, which is true. But for whatever reason it mixes very well in cocktails and people are really appreciating that. They don’t want vodka because it loses itself and all you taste is the mix. Rye you can still taste and appreciate the base spirit in the cocktail, but then also how it mingles with the other elements in that drink.

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