What is the best trip Art Smith has ever taken?

One of my favorite trips is one of my most recent. I rented a house in the foothills of the Alps on the French-Swiss border in a place called Beaujeu. It’s a little town, and we stayed in this wonderful house. There was no cell [service] and no supermarket. One of the people in town heard I was there and brought me all of this food — fresh rabbit, chicken, vegetables and olive oil — and I cooked every day so we didn’t eat in any restaurants. I took walks in the mountains and picked cherries from the trees. This wasn’t a trip where we went through museums; this was a trip where we completely chilled out and ate fresh cooked food. It wasn’t the most exotic vacation I’ve ever taken in my life, but it was definitely one of the most pleasurable. To me, a great vacation is when you’re basically in tears when you have to leave.

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