How does Ashley Koff stay healthy while traveling?

I have a whole kit, the Ashley Koff Approved Travel Kit, and I swear by it. A lot of it is what I do before I travel also and what I don’t do. I really try not to drink alcohol or coffee right before I’m getting on a plane or the night before. I instead try to focus on hydration. I might be drinking a green juice on my way to the airport. A lot of times I’ll make a smoothie that has coconut water in it and a green juice. This is if I’m leaving from my home base. If I’m somewhere else, I might try to find the next best version or just go with straight-up water. But I try not to overdo the water because I also don’t want to be in a lot of public bathrooms all the time.

I travel with non-alcohol-based hand sanitizer, H. Gillerman Organics essential oils and digestive enzymes by Enzymedica — they’re call Digest Gold. Those are super important because one of the things that I find is that you eat a little bit differently when you’re traveling, and I might eat something that falls into my second or third choice at home in terms of quality. And if you’re not breaking the food down, then you feel full and uncomfortable, and that can interfere with your sleep and keep you from being as healthy. 

I also travel with tea bags that have different healing properties. I might travel with Throat Coat, Breathe Easy or Relaxation, so that I know I can just add hot water and have that.

Then I also travel with dehydrated coconut water, the powdered coconut water, which I can add to anything to keep me hydrated. I have a handful of these little packets of hemp hearts because a lot of times the only thing that’s available are poor-quality versions of chicken, fish or any of these sorts of things that I wouldn’t eat for protein. But I want to make sure that I get my protein and essential fatty acids.

I have this whole regime for beauty/skin care. A friend of mine locally makes it. Her company is called Elique, and it’s sold nationally, but she makes it from the farmers market. She makes these hydrosols that you spray so they keep your skin hydrated. Then I put her cream on my face and I spray that again. I do that every couple of hours to avoid my skin getting too dried out.

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