What are Ashley Koff’s favorite cities?

There are two sides of it. One is I love going new places, so for me, any city. I like being able to go see a new city, especially if I can get some local suggestions. Then I get the flavor of the area. The thing that’s hard is if there’s someplace that I just absolutely love going to.

I’m actually not a big-city person, so I love medium-size cities or finding the parts of a big city that seem smaller. In New York or L.A., I’ll find certain neighborhoods that make it feel smaller. Vancouver is a great example of that. I love going to San Francisco and going over to Oakland and the Berkeley area and doing that sort of a thing. So it’s going to be the smaller ones within.

Carmel-by-the-Sea in California is one of absolute favorite cities to go to. There are bed and breakfasts there — one or two that I go and stay at that I absolutely love.

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