What are Ashley Koff’s tips to staying healthy on the road?

One of the things is to plan ahead. I do travel a lot and use the Ashley Koff Approved Travel Kit. This is packed all the time and ready to go. So I think having all of that and being able to plan ahead is helpful, but I know it doesn’t always happen that way.  

The other part that I think is a really important is if you’re going to only focus on one thing, I think that the hydration piece is going to be really key. We do so many things that dehydrate us, like getting a coffee — certainly a venti or one of these large coffees. Also the food that we tend to grab has a lot of sodium in it. We also tend to maybe not drink as much water because you don’t want to be running into the bathroom or you’re astounded that a bottle of water is going to cost $7, which I can appreciate. There are bottles that you can bring that have their own filters in them, and there are different things you can do. But hydration is really going to make a massive difference.

Hydration is not just about water getting into the body, it’s about your balance of sodium and potassium. Sodium keeps water outside of the cells and potassium brings water into the cells. Try drinking coconut water; it can also mean adding avocado to a salad; maybe if you get dried fruit without sulfur and it’s organic, it can be grabbing the dried mangos; having a banana; or eating a potato — some things that will keep you getting that potassium without high levels of sodium is going to make big difference for you.

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